No Payday Loans in New York

Every state regulates the payday loan laws for the state which means that a California payday loan is different from a Mississippi loan. New York is a bit different since you are unable to take out a cash advance. Payday loans in New York are illegal. The legislation has banned almost all forms of payday lending with the exception of banks and licenced lending companies who can offer a short term loan, similar to a payday loan. The only difference is that taking out small amounts of money from one of these institutions may be a lot more difficult than taking out a cash advance from a payday loan lender. The New York Department of banking fors not offer any cash advance licenses to lenders. But this does not mean that you cannot receive a cash advance if you are living in New York. One of the best ways to get a short term loan is through an online cash advance. As long as these lenders are located outside the state of New York, then they are legal and can become a valuable tool to you. There are also businesses located within the state of New York who have been able to overcome the laws that have been put into place. A company can give out a small cash advance legally in the state as long as the interest rate charged is called a fee. This fee cannot exceed the amount of 25 percent of the loan. Also, lenders who are part of a banking branch can operate legally in NY since these are subjected to the rules of the state in which the head bank is located.

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