What's More Expensive Bank Charges or Online Cash Advances?

Some people are weary of taking out online cash advances. Because of some negative press, some view these short term cash advances as an unacceptable way to pay their bills. However, cash advances are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to pay your unexpected expenses when you are tight on cash. Whether you went out a few more times then you should have, went on a shopping spree or got stuck with a flat tire, at the end of the month you are going to have a hefty bill to pay which you might not have budgeted into your monthly expenses. Since you might not think that a cash advance is an appropriate method to pay back your bills, you end up waiting for your paycheck to come to pay your bills. Since your paycheck comes a week after you have to pay your bills, you are going to get slammed with incredibly high banking charges. So what's more expensive; banking charges or online cash advances? You might be surprised to learn the outcome. In most cases, you will pay more on banking fees then you will from taking out a cash advance. For example, you will be charged 150 pounds as an overdraft fee if you are 400 pounds over your limit. If you borrow 400 pounds from an online cash advance lender, you will only pay about 15 pounds on average in interest. Either way you have to pay extra than if you had the cash waiting in your bank account but when your cash flow is tight, how much more do you want to pay, 150 pounds or 15 pounds? Unauthorized overdraft fees can be extremely costly. If you are accustomed to doing so, taking out a payday loan or cash advance may be a better financial option because you will end up paying much less.

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