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If you need quick cash, then a Colorado cash advance is your best option. Before you dive into the world of short term loans, you should know a good deal of information about your Colorado cash advance. Every state has their own state payday loan laws so it is crucial that you know the laws and regulations before you get started. These online cash advance laws were put into place in order to protect consumers from certain predatory practices. When you choose an online cash advance lender you should always choose a reliable lender who is licensed by the state to ensure that you are protected. A Colorado cash advance cannot exceed $500 on a single payday loan. The maximum payback time alotted for one of these loans is 40 days. In gerneral, online cash advances should be short term loans which are paid back when your next paycheck comes. This typically occurs in two weeks but some cash lenders offer additional time to repay cash advances without penalties but this is not always the case. The repayment time will be stated in the contract with the total interest that will be paid on this date. There is only one roll over allowance. Rolling over your loan means that you take out another loan to pay back the first loan. In terms of finance fees, Colorado cash advance lenders cannot charge more than 20 percent on the first $300 that is lent out and no more than 7.5 percent on any amount over $300. In total, a finance charge of no more than $75 can be charged. Online cash advances should be used in emergency cases only and they should always be paid back on time to avoid any charges or additional interest.

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