How Do You Prohibit Payday Lenders From Contacting You?

You may have used a short term loan or a cash advance loan in the past or just signed up for one without actually have taking one out. But since then, you get bombarded with dozens of payday loan company emails that you really are not interested in. If you signed up with various payday lending companies it is possible that they have contacted you by phone and have emailed you up to 50 times per day. Sometimes these communications might go right to your junk folder but it is still annoying to receive them. That's why you need to make it stop.

Unsubscribe to Payday Lender List

Although it is always good to know what payday lending companies are offering, you still do not need to fill your inbox with their messages. Even though the majority will go to your junk folder, you may miss some important messages because you delete all of this folder thinking that they are just advertisements for payday loan lending. Once you register your email, you can guarantee that these messages will not stop until you put an end to them. Creating a New Email Address The first thing you have to do is check out the email. Once you open an email from them, you may find that at the bottom of the email there is a link to unsubscribe to the emailing list. This is pretty straightforward and there will be insturctions to follow as you unsubscribe. Sometimes you may want to know what is going on with your preferred payday lender but you still do not want to sift through your email. Another option that you have is to open another email account and have those messages sent to a separate account. This way there will be no confusions or deleting of important messages. Government Websites Against Spam You can also send an email to [email protected] where you can report such emailing payday loan abuses. Action will be taken against the payday lender that is sending you spam. There are lot's of options that you have when it comes to having pay day loan companies stop hassling and contacting you.

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