Warnings of a Maltese Payday Loan Company

There are a lot of great reasons why online cash advances are so great during the holidays.  The only exception is if you received one from a company in Malta.  Cash advances are short term loans which are paid back when you get your next paycheck.  They are a great way to increase your cash flow when you are in between paychecks.  The State Department of Financial Institutions is putting out a warning for anyone interested in a online cash advance or payday loan from a Maltese payday lending company. A company who posed under the name Northway Financial and doing business as Cash Transfer Center and as Zip19.com is supposedly an online cash advance lender which is located in Malta.  The only problem is that this company is not allowed to do any business in Washington since it is not licenced to do so.  The licensing portion of an online cash advance lender is extremely important since is enables customers to verify that the lender they use is reliable.  If you do not use a reliable lender, you may be caught in a scam which will run you into debt. If you are working with any online cash advance lender, you should make sure that this company is licensed and licensed in your state before you become a victim of cash advance scams.  It is always better to work with payday lenders within your country such as the United States, so that the US State government can take action.  If the lender is international, you may be unable to receive any justice. The online cash advance holiday season is coming around so make sure you are dealing with a reliable lender.

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