The Connection Between Indian Tribes and Payday Lending

Due to the strict regulations that are hitting the payday loan industry hard, many lenders are now turning to Indian Tribes to help them out.  The American Indian Tribes throughout the United States have been granted sovereign immunity which means that they are not held subject to the laws that payday loans are currently going up against.  There are 12 states which have banned payday lending but as long as their is an Indian tribe who runs the operation on this sovereign land, the lenders can continue their business even where payday loans have already been banned. Similar to the Casino boom, payday loans are the new financial strategy that many are using as a loophole through the strict payday loan laws.  The revenue is quite high and promising for these tribes who often find themselves struggling.  There are approximately 35 online cash advance and payday loan companies that are owned by American Indian tribes.  Consumers have taken out approximately 12,500 loans over the last year in which these tribes made approximately $420 million.  It is no surprise that many lending companies are currently seeking out American Indian Tribes in an effort to save their businesses by escaping US lending laws.  Tribal leaders are paid a few thousand dollars a month for allowing a payday lender to incorporate on tribal land.  The more lenders that tribes allow to move onto their reservation, the larger the profit that they make.

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