Texas Kicks Out Oklahoma Payday Lender

When it comes to Texas' state laws regarding payday lending, surrounding states beware.  The Texas state government will not let their citizens be targets of payday lenders or their slick antics as seen with this Oklahoma based payday lending firm.  The state of Texas sued a payday lending firm in Oklahoma for allegedly stating that it was a government agency in a mailing ad.  The district attorney of Texas, Greg Abbott sprang into action placing a temporary restraining order against the Federal Cash Advance of Oklahoma LLC and the violator, Patrick D. "Dylan" White.  This business also has alias names such as Fed Cash, Cash Service Center, CASHMAX and TOPCASH. The alleged are accused of sending pieces of mail which fraudulently have clerk signatures forged and forged seals of the Dallas County and state of Texas.  Although White claims that this payday loan lawsuit is a non issue and that he had not even been served with a Lawsuit, the attorney general has a clearly different story.  He will be seeking fines of up to $20,000 per violation that White and his company allegedly committed.

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