Restrictions on Cash Advances in Texas

In Lubbock Texas, the world of payday loans may be changing soon. There is an initiative beginning in the City Council to place more restrictions on Texas online cash advances and payday loans. This is not the first city in Texas to have talks about changing these laws. The council has voted unanimously in favor of demanding lawmakers to make further restrictions on Texas cash advances. Payday loans and online cash advances are great tools for people who need a little extra cash to cover their emergency expenses until their next paycheck arrives. Although many people are able to pay the actual loan back, sometimes they are unable to pay back the interest which leads some to believe that payday loan lenders take advantage of their borrowers. These restrictions would be placed on the interest rates that would be returned to the lenders upon the next paycheck of the consumer. This initiative in Lubbock is part of an effort to create a change in Texas state government. Every payday loan and cash advance is different according to state laws not federal ones. Therefore, the restrictions places on a Colorado payday loan is not the same as a cash advance in Georgia or New Hampshire.

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