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There are a lot of people who fight against the legality of cash advances. However, those who live in Chicago understand how valuable of a resource that payday lending is. There are many times where you need money fast but there is no one who is willing to lend it to you. When you need to get your car out of the shop, pay your tuition, buy medicine, pay your utility and heating bills and go to the doctor, you need fast cash. Online cash advancesare the only way that you can pay your bills without depleting your cash flow. From politicians to religious leaders, they all are trying to abolish payday loans and cash advances. They do not think about how the elimination of these borrowing tools will mean that there is no longer a money borrowing service for them to use. Many times, people cannot pay their expenses because their paycheck does not come in time. Paying $20 in interest for a 2 week loan may seem outrageous but in reality, if you do not pay your bill on time, then you end up losing $40 because of late fees. If you do not get your car out of the shop, you cannot go to work and you lose your payment for the day which is most likely a lot more than $20. So the although the interest rates may seem outrageous when calculated as a yearly percentage rate, the fact of the matter is that you pay a lot more in late fees and missing work then you do when you pay back interest on a short term loan. That is why people in Chicago are making informed decisions about cash advances. Cash advance users in Chicago enjoy cash advances as they are able to pay their bills on time even though their paychecks do not arrive for another few days. This allows them to keep their credit from falling and can help to improve credit if reported. Chicago payday loans and cash advances are a valuable service despite certain concerns that are presented from high interest rates.

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