Make Extra Cash Online or Offline

Making extra cash now to last you until payday doesn’t have to be hard, we have tons at our disposal to make money now and branching out to fulfill a service people need is always a great idea. We have listed a few great ways here to make it till payday for emergency funds or unexpected bills. We also have included Loans as an options as well, it is always an option!

Selling Unwanted Items to Make Extra Cash Now

You may go to your storage unit or attic and see a bunch of items that are simply collecting dust. It may
be time to see what you can get for these unwanted item. Selling things you don’t need has become a
thing that almost anybody can do. With services such as EBay, LetGo, pawn shops (old jewelry/
appliances), etc. The personal seller has benefited from the digital age with how easy it has become to
simply snap a picture and post an item for sale. Most companies even take care of all the shipping needs
and customer complaints. It can be amaze to see how much your old unwanted items are actually
worth. If you want to avoid all the technology or the hassle of posting each item individually, then it may
be better to have a garage/yard sale to try to get rid of all the items at once.

Serving Others, Household Chores

This is as simple as it sounds. It can include dog-sitting, house-sitting, baby-sitting, lawn work, etc. Just
go to Google or pick up your local bulletin board and you will find loads of jobs waiting for you. This is
quick and easy money because it does not require any particular skills and also does not require a long
hiring process. For people with a little extra free time on their hands this is a great opportunity to raise
some extra funds. If you work with family friends they are more likely to hire someone they already
know and trust.

Change Collection For Extra Cash?

It may be a last resort, but it may be beneficial to collect all the loose change around the house and car.
People would be surprised on how much money they can round up with just spare change. If you can't
seem to find any change maybe start a way to start collecting your loose change, such as a change jar.
These coins can be converted and counted at most banks free of charge or at any coin collecting
machine in your local grocery store for a small surcharge.

A Loan For Extra Cash?

Payday loans are not always the best option, but sometimes it is the only option. These loans can usually
hit your account within 24 hours. The acceptance rate is very high due to low credit standards, but this
comes with interest rates as high as 400 percent. A bank loan or credit union loan may be a better
option if you need to work a repayment plan with a much lower interest rate. If you obtain a payday
loan make sure it is able to be paid back in full and on time because the rates and fees can become
outrageous. When applying for a loan it is imperative to look around and research what you are getting
yourself into.

Donate Blood Plasma or Blood

This may sound a little on the taboo side, but it is a quick way to make a little money. At some donation
centers you can make up to 400 dollars a month donating. Donating your blood plasma is safe and there
are federal regulation to prevent from giving too much. Most healthy adults aged 18 to 65 should pass
the screening test to donate. If you are afraid of needles this probably isn't the best route.


There are many states that will pay you for your recyclables. California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Oregon,
Delaware, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Iowa, Michigan, and New York are all states that will pay
you for recycled cans or bottles. Most states give around .05 cents per can or bottle. This can help both
the environment and your wallet. If you don't feel like walking around picking up trash, you could hold a
‘bring your own beverage’ party and collect all the cans afterward. Scrap metal is another thing that can
make a quick buck. You usually will get around .50 cents per pound, but if you have something heavy like
an old car, fridge, or washing machine it can add up pretty quickly.

Online Work

There is an endless amount of paid labor found on the web. These jobs can include administrative work
from your house or even taking surveys. These jobs do not require a lot of technical skills and are quick
and easy to find. If you are a little more tech savvy there are endless amount of jobs relating to
advertising, website maintenance, etc. Some of these jobs could even include a secret shop. This is a
way to get free food/product and get paid to give your opinion on the service.

Cab, Paid to Drive

With the emergence of companies like Lyft and Uber it has become so much easier to start up your own
cab service. Most these companies allow you to conduct almost all your business through your mobile
phone. Also, with no cash on hand, these types of companies make their drivers feel safer and also you
don't have people running off on a cab fare. This does require a nicer and cleaner vehicle and also may
require a good driving record.

Start a Business to Make Extra Cash

There are several ideas for a business and several banks willing to lend the money for a start-up. With a
start-up company it may be best to keep it simple. Easy businesses to operate can range anywhere from
an errand service to running a food truck in your free time. Starting the business is easy you just have to
choose what best suits you and the area you live in. If this idea seems scary then it may be best to start
small, such as a dog sitting/walking business for your neighborhood, and grown from that point.

Be Willing to Network!

With so many ways to make an extra buck it is good to keep an open mind. There are so many
opportunities to grow financially. It is best to do your research and choose that route that fits you best.
When you find yourself in a financial bind just remember to be willing to put in that little extra.

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