Installment Loans

If you are in search of a large loan to help pay down credit card bills, or to renovate the house, an installment loan may be best to help your financial situation. If a payday loan is not large enough to achieveĀ  your desired end result, you can connect with lenders via our service and request installment loans in order to satisfy your requirement for a large cap on the amount available to you, while breaking it into simple to make payments over the course of a period of time. Often times you will have a longer repayment time with this offering from our lenders, usually longer than that of a payday loan or similar personal loans.

What If I Have No Credit or Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit or no credit (or even great credit) we can help match you with a verified lender who will have a great offer for you almost instantly via the internet with legit online loans available quick. There are lenders waiting for your application for an installment loan, and take into consideration many factors to get you approved for what you are looking for. These multiple factors all take into account your ability to repay the loan, so they will be looking at your monthly income to debt ratio, any outstanding marks on your credit report, and also the total amount of the loan being requested.

Installment loans for bad credit don’t have to be bad loans; this is why we review the lender here on our site and pair you with the best solution for you based on all the factors listed above. If you need more money, and you need it quickly, this is the solution for you once you find a lender with an offer that is what you are looking for, with a good term for repayment and fair monthly payments on the installment loan.

Why an Installment Loan?

An installment loan, as mentioned above, provides you with more flexibility in payment options regarding the amount of time you have to pay back the loan as well as generally lower APR rates and a previously agreedĀ  upon payment plan. You will know what date the loan will be paid off, and also how much interest you will be paying in the long run. Another great feature of an installment loan is generally they do not have prepayment penalties; a prepayment penalty would be where you pay the loan off early with a windfall of money and they charge you for interest missed out on from paying for the full term, with this option you can have the money you need with the extended payment term, all while having the ability to pay it off early to save you money.

Avoid These Installment Loans

While measures are always put into place to protect the consumer, in the event you decide to go through a third party as opposed to a lender we have matched you with, we want to warn you of potential things to avoid in the event you do go through another recommended lender from another company. The main things to avoid when looking at an installment loan (that we would never pair you up with) would be a down payment on the loan, ridiculous APR, not enough payment term options and the lender isn’t willing to work on it, or high associated fees including a prepayment penalty. Always avoid a prepayment penalty and high fees, the lenders we have here that we pair you with will always have your best interest in mind.