Customer Resources

With the multiple types of loans available today, ranging from pay day loans, automobile, recreational or personal loans, and even mortgages, there is a significant amount of customer resources available to help you find the right loan for yourself that goes along with what we help with here. Whenever it comes to finding the right loan for you, with the help of Fast Cash Loan Rater and these resources, you can make a smart decision you are comfortable with.

5 Tips for Finding The Best Mortgage Lender

With the wide array of mortgage lenders available online or through your local bank or credit union; picking the right one can be hard. With inflation over the years, APR terms, floating APR rates, and more information that is vital to picking the right loan, it is easy to get lost in the commotion. NerdWallet put together a great article regarding tips for finding a mortgage lender, and can help you pick the mortgage loan best for you given your situation if you are in the market for a house or rental property.

Finding Government Benefits (Small Business Loans and Personal)

Whenever it comes to small business loans and personal loans, the government helps keep you smart and safe whenever it comes to taking out a loan for any reason. The Other Resources listed under the benefits website by the Government goes into exact detail what you should expect, what you need to look out for, and if you are ready to take the next step in your small business or personal life and take out a loan to help grow.

Payday Loans and Lender Information

The resources listed at the FTC Payday Lending site listed above provides great information on how the consumer is protected from potentially predatory loans that can make paying the loan off near impossible. The consumer (you) have laws that help you stay in the clear whenever it comes to Payday Loans and the loan you choose. Online Loans are covered under the FTC Payday Lending rules and criteria as well.

New or Used Vehicle Loan Information

Making your first automobile or recreational vehicle purchase can be a daunting task, even if it is not your first purchase it can still be a stressful task, what loans if best for you and should you buy used or new? Max Credit Union has provided a great article surrounding smart tips when buying a new car and it also digs deep into what is to be expected for an auto loan, and how you can apply for one so you are ready whenever the time comes. Making the right purchase the first time can save you costly expenses later on and help preserve trade in value of the vehicle you decide to purchase.

Top 10 Tips for Finding The Best Online Payday Loans

We have articles such as this featured on this site, and while opinions may vary this Top 10 tips for finding the best online payday loan article is very informative on how to approach payday loans online and what to expect. This article dives into detail on how the loan process is done, what is expected from you, what to look for in a lender, and how to find the best payday loan for yourself.


Avoid Predatory Lending

Please read this article. Predatory lending is real and is often hidden in the fine print of an offer that seems to good to be true. This article on goes through what to look out for if you feel uneasy about a company and also laws that help protect you from such lending. Recent changes have been made to further help protect consumers from these tactics, but the number one way to avoid this is to stay informed and be educated on your loan process.